By Najibu Mulema

Beti Olive Namisango Kamya, formed the Uganda Federal Alliance( UFA) in 2010 shortly after quitting Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC)party.

Though she was an active opposition member, On June, 2016, president Yoweri Museveni appointed her as Minister for Kampala Capital City Authority ( KCCA).

Ever since she was appointed, Kamya has been so into NRM that you may think she is among the people who fought tooth and nail to bring NRM to power.

During the NRM women league breakfast meeting, Kamya was all clad in yellow showing a sign of commitment to for the party and this is not the first scenario she is dressed in yellow, whenever NRM members meet, she usually puts on yellow as a party colour.

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Apart from cladding in yellow as a sign of a stunt NRM member, Kamya doesn’t represent people in Kampala, she represents the incumbent party particularly the president since she is that position to implement the orders of her boss.

She nolonger represents her UFA party, does it mean that it vanquished in favour of NRM?

Kamya was the only active member in the party, when she was appointed minister, she transferred all her energy and goals to a more prestigious party thus forsaking the faded UFA.

A political party is made by members and currently UFA seems to be an empty party. I think its name should be erased from the list registered political parties in Uganda because its no more.