By Watchdog reporter

Recently Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze returned to vending bananas on Mukono streets, not because she is trying to widen her sources of income in this stingnig economy but she did it in solidarity with the disgruntled vendors selling merchandise on the sides of Kampala Jinja highway in Mukono who are being chased off the streets by the Mukono Municipal Council.

Apparently Nambooze has vowed to fight until her cry is heard by the Council led by Mukono Mayor George Kagimu. The area MP does not agree with Kagimu (whom she promoted for election) to dismiss vendors who are trying to make ends meets off the highway.

Kagimu suggests that vendors should vacate the premises to ease the traffic flow on the highway.

It should be noted that before rising to fame, Nambooze started off small, doing odd jobs to pay her own school fees as well as to make a living, and so she has a strong attachment to ordinary people such as vendors that is why she is doing everything to protect her people.

But in this biting economy, Nambooze is also trying to protect the remaining sources of livelihoods for “small people” instead of throwing them off the cliff and condemn them to death or joblessness. In so doing, those who are thrown off the streets can easily turn to illegal activities such as stealing.

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