By our reporter

On Thursday. evening, about 20 Daily Monitor editors and reporters gathered around fired investigations editor Alex Atuhaire.

What was organized as a private farewell party for Atuhaire at Legends bar and Restaurant at Lugogo, turned out to be a show of solidarity for the fired editor, and pouring of scorn on the executive editor Charles Bichachi, who is blamed for snaking his once ally turned foe.

The journalists of the biggest private newspaper declared Atuhaire their ultimate boss, demonstrating their allegiance by dressing him in a t-shirt branded “Boss One”.

One by one signed on it, as Atuhaire smiled ear to ear.


Atuhaire was pushed out of Monitor in what’s seen as a power struggle as Bichachi feared Atuhaire was plotting to replace him as executive editor. Atuhaire defied, after he felt undermined by Bichachi on tribal basis, when he promoted his juniors to managing editors from the east and left him on the sidelines. Other people at Namuwongo say Atuhaire bought a prado which accelerated his axing process.


Atuhaire was summoned to a weeklong disciplinary committee to answer charges that are ordinarily addressed in the performance assessment period with an immediate supervisor.

When anyone’s performance is lacking at MPL, he or she is either put on a performance contract or recommended for sacking. Alex’s PMS however has been healthy.