By Watchdog reporter

Prosecutors under their umbrella body Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) resolved to carry out an industry action inform of a strike after conducting a ballot vote following the unsolved grievances which included low pay among others.

But before officially striking they gave government 14 days ultimatum to look into their matters unfortunately up to the last day, the employer has played a deaf ear.

Now information coming in from Alpha Ogwang, a Resident Senior State Attorney, all members of UAP will not operate starting from Wednesday the 12 June, 2017 until further notice with the main aim of participating in the industrial action.

“I regret to inform you that as members of UAP and pursuant to the resolutions of the General Assembly arrived at on the 23rd of June 2017, we shall be closed from Wednesday the 12th day of July 2017 until further notice to participate  in an industrial action,” Ogwang wrote.