By Watchdog reporter

On Sunday, city businessman Sulaiman Kabangala Mbuga alias SK Mbuga was involved in a motorbike accident just three metres away from his home.

In a due process to road test his newly acquired BMW motorbike, SK Mbuga is the only one who could tell what really caused the accident; the bike flew up like a kite, throwing him into a visitors car windscreen which was parked along the road. The windscreen broke and cut him then the heavy bike also landed on him.

Both his hands and leg got fractured and his head was severely injured. He was rushed to Nakasero Hospital while in critical condition but now according to the doctor’s report, the tycoon is out of danger and he will be fine.

But still one question remains unanswered. As any curious being you may wonder what kind of speed he was riding on yet he had just came out of his gate.

Many people have been coming out with several weird rather ‘silly’ hilarious speculations that he belongs to an illuminati cult so his bosses where not happy with him for reasons unknown to us, thus deciding to take his life; though by God’s grace he survived.

But as serious people we could assess the situation in another angle-could it be that SK Mbuga wanted to commit suicide?

At one point any human can face unbearable challenges which can attempt him to commit such evil act in the Eyes of God.

Since he is a rich businessman and we don’t know his straight source of wealth, he may be challenged by a huge chunk of loans.

And we have seen tycoons committing suicide after failing to pay up their loans.

So think about it?