By Watchdog reporter

A lot has been said of the Lugogo shooting in which a social worker Kenneth Akena lost life.

Two key suspects are behind bars over the shooting after the late’s brother said Akena in his dying declaration told him Matthew Kanyamunyu had shot him outside the Game Store at Lugogo mall. Another account said Forest Mall at the parking near the ATM machines.

However, Akena’s car was recovered near Kyadondo rugby club. Early speculation questioned who drove the car across from the scene Akena’s relatives were describing!

However, Kanyamunyu himself says the unfortunate events took place at Kyadondo autospa near Kyadondo rugby club, which further gives credence to his narrative.

If the shooting took place at the heavily guarded Lugogo mall, security could have been alerted. And to make matters worse, there’s no single sign of a fired bullet at Lugogo mall such as cartilage or blood.

It leaves investigators looking around and making tests around the autospa and the Kyadondo rugby club parking spaces.

If Kanyamunyu is telling the truth of where the unfortunate events took place, then, the allegations made by Akena’s brother is false since it has inaccuracies. The inconsistency will prove the relative a liar, and therefore the later part of the testimony would unfortunately not be bankable.

Police will have to rely on another witness, if they’re to nail Kanyamunyu. They’ll have to turn Cynthia into a witness, as a deal to give her freedom, which is unlikely since she’s already under the “protection” of the Kanyamunyus.

Thus, it is likely Akena’s relatives in talking too much, gave away a case and helped to collapse it.