By our reporter

Last month, Little Hands Go Green successfully organised Africa’s first children’s climate change march.

Over 3,000 children from over 40 schools took part in the event which ran under the theme ‘Our environment is our future and our future is our responsibility’.

And among the noticeable icons who played a very big role to ensure that every child was safe during the event is none other than Dickson Bond Okello; a renowned top city security guru.

Like any exceptional security specialist, Bond made sure that kids were well protected all throughout the march which started from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) City Hall to Uganda House, to Security house and connecting with Parliament Avenue, back to city hall.

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This was not the first event, the security guru oversaw, he has been on almost every event organized by Little Hands Go Green and it is rest assured that he will also be in control in the forthcoming Green Festival that shall take place on Sunday 2 September, 2018 at Kololo Airstrip.

Meanwhile, Bond has pledged 2000 fruit tree seedlings for the children at festival.

Dickson Bond Okello (left) with Little Hands Go Green CEO and founder Joseph Masembe

According to the CEO and founder of Little Hands Go Green Joseph Masembe, whenever Bond is part of an event, security is automatically tight.

Little Hands Go Green CEO and founder Joseph Masembe

“Children are the future of our great nation we therefore need the best of the best when it comes to them and in East and Central Africa no one comes close to Dixon we have handled special assignments with him i know the man very well,”

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