By Allen Kisakye

It’s no secret that Spice Diana is having a luxury vacation in Dubai.

How do we know?

The ‘32’ singer has shared each and every detail of her pre and post birthday celebration. She apparently turned 22 on October 23.

She has splashed photos herself on a posing on a boat and in front of fancy Dubai buildings.

Spice Diana’s new fabulous look

This brings us to the reason we are talking about Spice Diana, who shot to fame after she, on national TV, forgot her Senior Six results, not forgetting the wig falling off incident- also on national tv early this year. She is new. A different kind of ‘new’.

See, social media gossips have noticed that the photos she has posted from Dubai, are different from the ones in Kampala, one would take the singer for Iggy Azalea or some other famous Hollywood person.

Her current complexion and glow make her a completely different person.

Spice Diana’s old look

The transformation is mind boggling that 2018’s Spice Diana would definitely try and avoid, as much as possible, 2010’s Hajara Namukwaya.