By Herbert Bukenya

After being arrested by the Tanzanian authorities for posting an indecent videos on social media, multiple international award winning artiste and one of Africa’s leading artistes Diamond Platnumz seems to be headed for some more trouble.

He wont walk away with just a caution like would be the case else where not in President Magufuli’s Tanzania where the law and orders from above are supreme to anything else.

Word reaching us is that he is going to be fined cash to the tune of Uganda shillings 8 Million which is 5 Million Tanzania shillings among other punishments for misbehaving on the internet.

This is not the first time Diamond is posting a lewd videos online the only difference being this time round his videos with a mystery woman making out really went viral angering the authorities.

And may be his punishment can serve as an example to other celebrities who plan to share lewd videos that the law is in place and can catch up with you anytime if the authorities wish.