Celebrated Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz has rubbed shoulders with his fans after he shared a picture of himself with his kids and gave it an unbecoming caption.

The musician posted a picture on Instagram of himself cuddling his two kids from his relationship with socialite Zari Hassan and proudly referred to them as his sperms.

He captioned the photo- my sperms and I.

His fans did not waste time forcing sense into him as he appears to have contempt to his family life. His role as a father seemingly does not make sense to him and his reputation as a cheating partner not enough;

Diamond was fed on insults from the fans, many criticizing him for going vulgar moreover with kids?

Vulgar language for your own kids and someone is proud calling you husband” a one Mesh Love ranted.

“Seriously did you have to tell us that? We are all products of the same but can’t quote such sentiments” Ida Hindy cried out.

One doylegowi commented ‘This being childish’

Another am_roseokongo threw major shade ‘Just stupid like Zari herself who tells ur mother to go and get the Car which u gave Hamisa the mother of yr Kid Dully and u also support u are lost to this Sugar mum’

Although he received some praise for the good job done as a man, he was more condemned for his wrong usage of words when referring to kids.