By Watchdog reporter

First it was Park Yard market, now it seems Owino market is next as DFCU Bank is in plans to evict vendors over shs4 billion loan.

Not days away Kampala Minister Beti Kamya masterminded an eviction exercise of Park Yard Vendors, leaving several finding solace elsewhere.

This starting week hasn’t been a blessed one for several vendors in Owino Market due to a worrying move by DFCU Bank to unseat their stalls.

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko while talking to the media said he has been tipped off about the move.

Nsereko said: “I have information DFCU is working to secure court bailiffs to prompt an immediate eviction.”

There are over 1000 St Balikudembe market (Owino) vendors and according to the bank they have failed to pay loan amounting to 4Billion Shillings.”