By Najibu Mulema
Can someone help me here because this beats my understanding? Why is it that most women think to look beautiful and ‘sexy’ they have to dress indecently?
Now look at this so called celebrity, Desire Luzinda, what were you thinking to put on such a dress (I wonder if it’s a dress even)!
In the first place how could you get out of your house almost naked thinking that you’re smart?
I can’t deny the fact that you have succeeded in making some men to think you are hot. But if all you have is making men desire to have an optical nutrition on your ‘kitone’ or a share of those goodies you exhibit, I am sorry for you.
First, you’re a socialite of the sick in their heads. That is why you wear such skimpy things you call attires and they applaud you for it.
If someone asks you to bend down low, would you accept? Well, I know you would as you have something itching that you have to show it to everyone.
But like former youth minister Ronald Kibuule warned women like you, you’re the kind that force equally man men do the unthinkable (bad touches and rape)!
Desire, I wonder why the mini skirt law doesn’t come for you, unless Fr Lokodo is also your client. It would help us hide your bad influence on our innocent children on little sisters. For you, has become the real poster girl for decadence in our public morality.
Desire your age no longer match with the way you dress.
As a mother of teenage daughter, you need to be exemplary.
Piece of advice: pimp your closet with respectable clothes. Save those little things to five years old kids or at least your teenage daughter.