By Allen Kisakye

Ever since faded musician Desire Luzinda, majorly known for her 2014 nudes scandal than music decided to turn to God, all her focus has been set to rebrand herself as a spiritual icon by preaching through music and motivating her followers and fellow musicians.

In order to remain relevant, the veteran ‘forever26’ singer recently spoke about ‘mother and child love’, urging mothers to love their children at all cost.

She gave herself as an example. “If my mother had rejected or felt ashamed of me through my trying times, how would I have survived?” she said.

Desire Luzinda said she turned to God years ago

“Mothers should always treat mistakes of their children with love and care because this sometimes forces children not do them again.”

In September this year, Luzinda came out and said she regretted all her mistakes, but has decided to accept Jesus and her personal savior.

“I drew closer to God, I felt like I was indebted to serving Him for what He had done for me,” she told  journalists then.

And although many people thought that this could be a ploy to sell her music, Luzinda went ahead and recorded a gospel album titled ‘Transition’. Also of recent, it is believed she starts all her greetings with “Praise God.”

We hope she keeps this act up and that God’s blessings are upon her.