By Watchdog reporter

Embattled businessman Andrew Desh Kananura, the proprietor of Panamera Bar has cried out loud for former Uganda President Idi Amin Dada’s ghost to come and rescue him from ‘Indians’ who are trying to take away his land where the bar sits.

This comes at a moment when an Indian investor is trying tooth and nail to evict the businessman from the land in question.

On Wednesday, High Court (land Division) issued a decree stating that the Kananura is an illegal occupant of plots 20-30 Saddler Way, Naguru thus ordering for his eviction.

However, Kananura with the help of his cousin Prof. Mondo Kagonyera and some security officials halted the eviction plans.

Apparently, Kananura is accusing the Indian man of using goons to execute an illegal eviction order but to him, such move will never happen.

“I have been attacked by goons and police to try take my land but that will not happen (Indians) you need another amin Amin,” He posted on his social media.