By our reporter

It was the epitome of abuse of power but also the ultimate reality drama on the plane in the recent past.

Kenyan lawyer and politician stood his ground, protesting efforts of the state to fly him out of Kenya by force.

“You cannot take me out of my country by force”, he said.

The plane EK722 finally left without Miguna Miguna after delaying the plane for more than hour. The plane had more than 400 passengers bound for Dubai but with connection flights to Europe, Asia and America.

Miguna Miguna reminded the pilot that he was obligated to keep the law by not flying an unwilling passenger who also didn’t have a passport.

Miguna was deported a couple of weeks ago after he swore in Rails Odinga as people’s president at Uhuru park. He was stripped of his citizenship saying he was a Canadian. He was deported to Canada.

But Miguna promised to return, and court was on his side.

However his moment of arrival was interrupted after immigration officers insisted he enters Kenya on a tourist visa which would deny him opportunity to work. He insisted he had a Kenyan Identify card which was rejected. The stand off attracted Raila Odinga who made a deal with Uhuru Kenyatta a few days ago. Miguna says Raila betrayer the revolution and is willing to return to fight Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime to his last breath.

The chaos he created on Emirates Airlines, was captured live by Kenyan citizen television journalist Jeff Koinange who was aboard the same plane and was heading to Germany via Dubai.