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 As many people are flowing in to eulogize fallen businessman Ivan Semwanga who died Thursday morning after spending 12 days in coma at Steve Biko Hospital in South Africa, controversial Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende alias Kuku Wazabanga Kasuku has also raised his eulogy saying ‘IVAN SEMWANGA was *THE CLEVER FOOL*.

For some of you who don’t know Kasuku, he is the host behind Talk and Talk show which airs every Saturday on Dembe FM and he is the only presenter ever beaten by singer Eddy Kenzo for talking ill about him.

Kasuku posted on his website;

I had never met Ivan Semwanga personally but only heard stories of him from close friends of his that happened to be my friends and his wife a one Zari way back in 2007/8 when she was struggling to cut it out as a celebrity cum Musician in this banana republic.

Back then Zari used to visit Mega Dee’s studio premises in Makindye that housed a media company called Gold media SOURCE.Here is when i first heard the term CLEVER FOOL being used to describe Ivan Semwanga by the woman that later mothered 3 kids with him.

Just so you know,Clever fool was never used in the wrong context but rather a braggatory manner to mean that much as Ivan was brilliant,he chose to act stupid but was always in the know of whatever was happening around him and this will be the pivot of my eulogy of him.

Ivan and his ex-wife Zari Hassan

Many people surrounded this man and much as he knew they were not good people,he never wanted to let them go because he feared being alone.Ivan was a shy guy but very

shrewd and daring.He was this guy that only needed to be sparked and off he went as you wished something that explains the attacks on Zari and Diamond.Apparently Ivan and Zari were on very good talking terms but his good friend Lawrence always knew where to tickle him and spark off the plugs hence the nasty social media wars that later arose.

Months to his death,Ivan tried to reconcile with many members of his family and once close friends in South Africa after he got to know that his time was running out.To many of us his death was a surprise but he knew his time was up and the cause of his death is known to his inner circle clearly unlike media reports doing rounds.

Ivan will always be remembered for his generous heart and hard work but most importantly he will be known as a lover that never gave up on the love of his Life ZARI.Theirs has been described as the love story of BEAUTY and the Beast only that this time round ZARI was the beast that never returned the love and cracked Ivan’s heart to his grave.

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