By Najibu Mulema

They say if there’s something you badly need in life, you should go for it and the saying has exactly applied to sensational Dembe FM presenter Robinah Mbabazi commonly known as Bina Babie.

Recently when the radio personality met the prime minister of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga in one of the spots in town, Bina Babie pleaded for a job from the premier on BBS TV.

“Your highness is there any job left on BBS Telefayina because am on street FM, jobless,” she insinuated in a statement on her facebook page.

It should be noted that it’s now over a month and Dembe FM is still closed. The station was shut down by the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) over failure to meet minimum operating requirements and now many workers for the station including Bina Babie are on a hot seat rendered jobless.