By Watchdog reporter

Four time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has vowed never to return to Nakawa Magistrate Court for bail after spending over a year reporting to court over the same issue.

Besigye said he has already informed his lawyer that he will not be going back to court over the bail matter citing that the state could cancel the bail and take him back to prison if it wishes.

“Some time back, I had decided not to come to Nakawa court, but at that time, my bail reporting which was at the high court (Registrar) was shifted to Nakawa Magistrate Court. I have been reporting here both for bail and therefore for appearance in the Magistrate Court,” said Besigye.

“I think the time has come to also say no to the bail because it is the bail that was still bringing me here. So I have informed my lawyer that I will not come back to this court over this matter. They can cancel the bail, I have no problem at all- they can cancel the bail and take me back to prison- if that is their wish. From today, I will not come back to Nakawa Magistrate court for appearance or for bail. I will not appear in this court on 1st, Sept, 2017,” He added.

The strongest opposition figure in Uganda was arrested last year in May and spent a month in Luzira prison after being accused of treason.

Besigye is accused of swearing himself in as the president of Uganda following last year’s presidential elections where he claims to have beaten his competitors including President Museveni by 52%.

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