By Mike Ssegawa

There’s a controversial presenter on Dembe FM and Spark TV called Kasuku. Kasuku is the alias for Robert Katende, a man whose career is built on talking about celebrities. They hate  and love him in equal measures as his popularity soars with more controversy.

Kasuku broke into national limelight when he was punched by singer Eddy Kenzo who was accusing him of blackmail. Before that, I was still his workmate in Namuwongo when Jose Chameleone’s wife Deniela attacked him in his office!

Kasuku courts controversy. He is now under fire from the fans of the deceased singer Mozwey Radio who passed on last week after he was involved in a brawl at a bar in Entebbe. Frank Gashumba, a social activist known for speaking to power surprisingly has turned his guns on Kasuku who talks about excesses in the entertainment industry.

Because he tells the top celebrities such Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Sheba Karungi, etc about their failings, he is now being painted as a blood sucker for telling the truth about the conduct of Mozwey Radio.

An audio has been circulating when Kasuku is warning Radio to stop his misconduct in public. Kasuku was reacting to Radio after he threw a laptop into the swimming pool at the vigil of the late Ivan Semwanga.

Kasuku’s misdoing is prophesizing that if Radio doesn’t change his ways, someone will break his head. How spot on! How prophetic!

If Radio took Kasuku’s advice, maybe, and maybe, he would be alive today.

Now, prophetic Kasuku has been turned evilish. And are asking his company the Nation media Group to sack him for doing his work.

Kasuku is courageous. If no one can sue him successfully for defamation or libel, they should back off. Let Kasuku haters take some cold water.

Celebrities are used to be praise singers. A person like Kasuku boldly tells them their wrongs and they don’t like it.

In my opinion, the entertainment industry especially at this time of soul searching after several brutal deaths in their community, needs more Kasuku.

What Kasuku haters call arrogance is the power of journalism….truth all the time… unapologetically.

I laud Kasuku  for his boldness. For speaking the truth despite the dangers is causes him. His haters should drink some ice water.