By Watchdog reporter

It’s nolonger news that musicians A pass and Bebe Cool don’t see eye to eye due to their ‘online’ beef.

It all started in August this year, when Bebe Cool posted online responding to tabloid claims that he was stranded in USA. A Pass was quick to make a cheeky comment on the post asking whether Bebe Cool had not earned the respect he deserves in the music industry.
The “Katono” singer then came out all guns blazing telling off A Pass to stop seeking cheap attention
Although A Pass apologized, it didn’t stop Bebe Cool from fuming.

Now the ‘gamululu’ singer has again striked against his nemesis by sarcastically requesting President Yoweri Museveni to take Bebe Cool with him when he is leaving power because the ‘mbozzi za malwa’ singer has made the local scene unbearable for him.

He wrote on his Facebook:

Dear Museveni when you are leaving power please go with Bebe Cool 😎 amazeko emirembe wano ku local scene 😂😂😂#Tugikwateko…..Collabo 🤔#PassAndGo

Well lets sit back and wait for Bebe Cool’s response.