By Jerry Sesanga

No need to hate you, why? Why do you need to prove to me that you are doing better without me?

I am not concerned, maybe I would be if you bought the food I eat. And my next question will sound like crazy, why do you want to see my replacement of you? What if you look better but she has better brains? What if she looks better than you?

Your interest in my replacement shows your interest in me, kyoka people cant easily let go! Instead of singing for me “wadawa ex” and piling your self with too much make up, plus photoshop and all that, why dont you just remain natural for God’s sake its not christmas for you to be decorated like a christmas tree.

You can divert that energy to watching a guide film or reading a guide book “How to make a relationship work.” Perhaps your new catch may be interested in your photos not me any more, because am not in moods of seeing my ancestors again.

Sorry, I didnt mean to be this honest, you are beautiful and sweet, no hard feelings, just that we were not meant to be, but wish you well. And more so life is not a competition, that needs you to prove you can run faster than me. I dont know if I should post this, because, everyone is going to take it personal yet I just imagine hater exs. Hehehe.