By Betty Nambooze

From one generation to the next, the stories of Museveni’s misrule have been passed down until they have reached today’s “facebook generation”.

The citizens have endured thirty three dramatic years of deterioration in the social, economic and political conditions of life. Impoverishment of citizens,high unemployment, and under employment with the few unavailable job opportunities reserved for people of a particular tribe. In addition, corruption and incompetence have stifled innovative entrepreneurship and denied the economy a sound basis. All this taking place in a political environment that has destroyed democratic freedoms, media, and institutions for the sake of establishing the personal rule of one man, adorned by a dark past and rude personal characteristics.

However unpredicted the youth revolt is, the big picture of today’s Uganda says that it was long awaited and that it’s welcome. We can only hope that this revolt finds wisdom in having at least a minimum working relationship with the previous actors against Museveni’s authoritarian and unjust regime.

The man or woman we need is one who will manage to turn up with a modern political instrument, able to face this authoritarian rule, but open enough to gather and unite all existing opposition parties and individuals. Numerous and serious research about overthrows of authoritarian regimes have shown that the only way to defeat an authoritarian system is unification of all democratic parties, movements, and individuals.

Once again,I say that we need to be two camps – the regime and the opposition am therefore not enjoying the throwing of vollies to undermine one another that is ongoing in the social media for this risks the unity against Dictorship we so much need. If we are not able to minimise these ugly exchanges in the social media, then the tool that has accelerated our fight against Museveni’s authoritarian rule (social media) will turn out to be counter productive.

Note that the hand of the enemy has joined in to fuel these sibling beefing between different opposition houses.Before you post anything to undermine Besigye or Bobi Wine, just take a second to ask yourself of what use will it be for the struggle for you to spend DATA on a force that is pushing in the same direction like you’re.


Betty Nambooze is a Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality