By Watchdog reporter

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mike Chibita is on his knees as government lawyers (prosecutors) plot to ground courts countrywide on Thursday and Friday following the unresolved grievances.

The prosecutors in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) under their umbrella organization, the Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) have decided to hold an extra-ordinary general Assembly on 23rdJune, 2017 in Kampala to determine whether the industrial action should be carried on and also discuss on the favourable form of industrial action to be used through conducting a ballot vote.

The prosecutors are likely to carry out the industrial action in a bid to have their grievances addressed.

They accuse Chibita’s management of stagnating the restructuring exercise which would have enhanced the welfare of prosecutors. Chibita is also accused of failing to pursue the enactment of an enabling law for the DPP as mandated under article 120 of the Uganda Constitution which gives the DPP independent powers and to run the institution as an independent entity. Our sources say this would enable the DPP office to run as independent entity and therefore allow it to determine lucrative remuneration package for its staff.

“We would like to draw your attention to the demands our Association has previously laid down before the head of state, ODPP management, parliament and public service. It is more than five years since we raised our voices against pitiable remunerations, non-wage benefits including non-practicing allowances, research allowance, professional attire, risk allowances, an ODPP enabling law and taxation of our mearge pay whereas other core JLOS institutions  such as judiciary , police and Prisons are not,” Statement partly reads.

“We have received no valuable response from the concerned offices and management towards our demands. The prosecutors have exhausted all mechanisms at their disposal to no avail,” It further reads.

Meanwhile, the Association has requested Courts of Judicature to adjourn all criminal cases involving ODPP prosecutors to later dates after the assembly. This will be done in order to enable the prosecutors country wide to travel for the meeting.

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