By Kiyimba Bruno

Whether it’s a question of leadership or money, no one knows for now. But the truth is Dan Walusimbi, who claims to be the true president of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has with a group of former players on Mondaymorning attacked and broken doors and glasses of FUFA house Mengo.

Former players George Semwogerere, Isa Sekatawa, Mathias Kaweesa, Dan Mugabi, Obadia Semakula, Nanik Muzamir, and Polly  Ouma say that Engineer Moses Magogo, the current FUFA president has run down Ugandan football and should not be in office.

They continued to say that Dan Walusimbi is the rightful president of the federation.

The motive of the former footballers could come in question since they are protesting Magogo leadership at the time the national side has already qualified for the most prestigious tournament on the continent, the Nations Cup finals, due in January in Gabon. The tournament comes with a lot of money.

According to the FUFA spokesperson Ahmed Hussein, operations are back to normal at FUFA House.

“The Federation of Uganda Football Associations is now under control following the intervention of DPC Old Kampala police,” said Ahmed.

This was after the group vandalized the main door at the reception  that leads to various offices.

The matter is now being handled by Police.

Currently the staffs at FUFA House is on duty and are serving their clients, says Ahmed.

Early on this year, the wrangles have been going on and Dan Walusimbi had to force FUFA to change its name to Uganda FA(FUFA) due to the obligations of the national council of sports that required them to register.