By our reporter

Two editors have been fired from the Namuwongo based Monitor Publications for spoiling a deal worth sh50 million,   arising from a protracted conflict between Uganda National Roads Authority and roads constructions company, Dott Services.

Aapparently, two of the company’s hotshots – one from editorial and another from circulation – are said to have received about Sh50m not to run any positive story about Dott.

Our investigations desk has received information indicating that two junior editors, were showed the exit door on Thursday evening after they published a story in which they reported that President Museveni had withdrawn his decision to blacklist Dott Services, a roads constructions company which has for the past months been having counter accusations and name calling with Uganda’s roads agency, UNRA.

This story, according to our sources, was a no-go-to area at the Namuwongo based newspaper unless it was “good story” in favour of UNRA, and “bad” against Dott Services.

The standoff between UNRA and Dott Services had attracted the attention of the president of Uganda.

Museveni had earlier written to PPDA and UNRA stating that “I am therefore directing you not to enter into any new contracts with Dott services or their directors until all allegations levelled against them have been cleared.”

Later, in a memo dated May 29, 2017, Museveni explained why he decided to overturn his initial decision.

He said when he issued the ban he was acting to stem “obstructive activities” by Dott Services, which threatened a road project in Kanungu district.

“Through one of our political contacts, I am told that Dott Services withdrew their legal case on 3rd May, 2017 about Kanungu-Rukungiri road from court. That is what I wanted for now,” a local newspaper quotes the President’s memo.

The story was published by the New Vision and Observer newspapers, but independent newspaper Daily Monitor dragged its feet to get to the bottom of the matter. The motive became clear this week when two junior editors who allowed the story to pass were rendered jobless, citing neglect of duty.

A quickly organized kangaroo court was called on Wednesday afternoon by the paper’s executive editor Charles Odoobo Bichachi, who asked that the employment contracts of the two editors who ran “a good story for Dott Services” be terminated.

Details coming