Outgoing president Cynthia Mpanga has written a farewell email to PRAU members, addressing the pertinent issues of the smear campaign for the in-coming president.

The association is holding elections for the new leadership this Saturday. The campaign has however left the association in a serious image crisis.

Since its the job of PR professionals to clean the dirt, we expect members and new leadership to do the job for PRAU, an association which has been on the rise.

This below is the email:

PRAU Election

Dear PRAU’ians,

I hope this email finds you all well.

This is my last day as the PRAU president and what an exciting and fulfilling learning experience it has been! I thought it prudent to email and thank you all for the support you have given to the current Governing Council during our tenure.

It has been a great honor for me to serve you alongside the brilliant men and women on the GC during my 2 year term in office at the helm of this great Association. I can confidently say that serving this Association has completely transformed me not only as a person but as a leader and I look forward to applying the lessons learnt in various situations and my other stations in life.

I thank you all so much for entrusting me with this responsibility and it is my hope that majority of our members benefited from the various initiatives and opportunities the GC offered them over this period.

Campaigns and media smear campaign

As we count down to the AGM tomorrow, I appeal to all PRAU members i.e. Candidates and their supporters alike to value the Association first above self and by so doing remember to jealously protect the reputation of this great Association.

The online media reports that have started circulating are very, very unfortunate, regrettable and uncalled for. We as communicators should know firsthand the impact of negative media on any brand be it for the Association or of any individual.

The GC positions are voluntary and therefore anyone who has served the Association for whatever duration, in whichever capacity is a selfless person whose contribution should be applauded and not attacked/ridiculed with needless petty smear campaigns. I strongly condemn the public attacks on any member of my Governing Council, past or present. These GC ladies and gentlemen are gallant and you have no idea what conditions and the sacrifices they have each made to serve you and our Association to achieve all the great things we have managed to achieve during our term. I have nothing but utmost respect of each and every person I have served alongside regardless of our challenges.

I appeal to every Communicator that loves their Association to stand up and defend PRAU at this critical moment.

I also request the candidates and their supporters to remain calm, exercise maturity and not betray the Association they associate with as they advance their ambitions. The Association’s Reputation has been built over 42 years and no one’s interests should be put before it.

A house that is divided against itself can never stand. PRAU is a great Association with enormous potential and this negative publicity does no good for it or all of us as its members.

I conclude by thanking you all for the support that you rendered to us as the outgoing Governing Council and wish all the candidates the best of luck in the upcoming election.

God bless you all.


Cynthia Mpanga

PRAU President (2016 -2018)