By Allen Kisakye

The second edition of Victoria University cultural gala, popularly known as the International Day was filled up with color and funfare as various students exhibited different cultures through dress, music, poetry and food.

Held on Saturday at the university’s parking lot, one could be forgiven for looking in in awe and appreciating the effort put in by the students donning traditional gear such as Gomesi, Bitengi, Saris, Mishanana among others

Nationalities represented included Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia Eritrea, India, Congo and Burundi.

But it was the food section that took the day, with most revelers and students alike partaking of the various dishes on offer as well as learn how to prepare the said dishes.

According to Matthias Mutike, the Victoria University Marketing assistant, such galas have enabled them to attract students from different nationalities as well as forge unity among the current crop of learners.

With a population of close to 300, Mutike said, the university funded all the activities with the help of some embassies.

Nabunya Maria Pegy, the Guild President of this university says that this gala builds solidarity among the students and also helps them to appreciate their as well as different cultures.

This event was graced by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr Krishna-N-Sharma, who also took part in showcasing the Indian culture.


Victoria University is an International University situated in the heart of Kampala along Jinja road.

This university has been in existence for over eight years and was founded on a British curriculum- foundation with its board members based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia bought off this university and took on its ownership in 2014. He changed the university’s curriculum from British to Ugandan. It is recognized by the National Council for Higher Education.