By Kiyimba Bruno

Civil societies under the umbrella of Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) have tasked government to give a proper accountability for expired drugs in Uganda.

This was revealed by the CSBAG boss Julius Mukunda in a press briefing that took place at their offices in Ntinda on Friday.

Mukunda said that it is a loss to the nation to buy drugs and then end up destroying them as expired items. He added that drugs are bought but only a group of men sit in Kampala to decide what kind of medicine should be given to a certain community as well as when it should be delivered minus doing a research of what is really happening to the grounds.

“We are very worried about the press statement that was released by the permanent secretary of the ministry of health that revealed that the government of Uganda shall dispose off expired drugs and unwanted medicines from the health facilities around the country.” Said Mukunda.

Mukunda also requested for a genuine reason why these drugs are bought and not given to the beneficiaries, only to find out that they are expired.

He  added that when procuring drugs, the National Medical Stores (NMS) should factor the time taken to procure and distribute these drugs to the final time when the consumer gets them and uses them for the respective illness.

“These drugs should have a minimum of 3 years shelf life to avoid expiring before use” Noted Mukunda