By Kiyimba Bruno
kiyimba.bruno@gmail. com

Civil societies under the umbrella of Civil society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) have sent tough questions to the ministry of Finance,planning and economic development.

Lead by the CSBAG boss Julius Mukunda, CSOs joined a question and answer session that was held at the ministry conference room.

On debts,CSOs are aware that the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Uganda gave differing positions on the debt status of a country. Here a question was posed on the ministry’s position on Uganda’s debt,sustainability and ability to meet Uganda’s obligations.

On Revenue, it has been over a year developing the medium term revenue strategy with deadlines on it. Here CSOs questioned if there are any current mechanisms of improving revenue mobilization at the local government level.

What inspired most and left many shaking heads was the issue of budget and transparency where the CSOs commended the ministry’s efforts in budget transparency and the score attained during the open budget survey. On this note CSOs were eager to know the strategies that the ministry is going to embark on to improve more on the budget transparency.

Other questions that were sent relate to accountability, adherence to public finance and management and many more.