By Najibu Mulema

Crime preventers have been the less previleged peace keepers in the country but now they must be smiling since God answered their prayers.

As the Uganda police commemorate their day at Kololo airstrip, President Yoweri Museveni appreciated and promised the crime preventers that those interested shall be given slots in the police force.

“When we are recruiting in the police, the crime preventers should always have a share for them, it would be okay to say 10%,” President Museveni said.

The police showed different skills they use to protect people and their property.
On the other hand, the Inspector General of police, Gen Kale Kayihura expressed concern about the challenges police face.

“There’s is a crisis in the families all over the country, domestic violence is a problem, crimes like murder, defilement also fall suit most especially committed by men,” Kayihura alleged.

On 3rd October, police marked 110 years in existence and the day is celebrated annually.