For a group that is growing day by day, The National Crime Preventers Forum (NCPF) Kira Road Police Division team on Saturday opened up doors for a new SACCO “Kira Road Police Division Crime Preventers SACCO”.

It is said to be open to crime preventers in Kira Road Division and residents around the area. With such innovations the newly created project could be a relief and morale lifting venture for the youth given the sleepless nights they spend giving a helping hand to police in protecting the people and property.

The SACCO is focused on generating at least 5million Uganda Shillings per year for each member between a timeline of 4 years, improving the standard of living for the crime preventers, starting up small scale income generating projects and inculcating a saving culture among the crime preventers. The Kira Road Division Crime Preventers team stressed that their vision is indeed big, and they hope to even open a bank,” says the SACCO Chairman.

The invited guests at the SACCO launch were impressed with the progress which was attributed to the partnership with Uganda Police Force and the general public.

“Not only is police tasked with the mandate to protect life and property, but to also empower the youth. The best way to empower our youth is by encouraging them to save”, Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police CP. Mwesigwa Frank said. Having realized a few hiccups like the youth unemployment that results into crime, Police is trying to ensure they are responsible. What has made some of the youth initiatives fail is because some of them don’t feel the pinch of misusing the money once they get it,” he said.