By our reporter

Crime preventers boss Blaisé Kamugisha has dismissed reports that he has fled the country.

Speaking to this website, Mr Kamugisha described the news as #fakenews, adding that he was busy working at his office at Plot 27 in Naguru.

The reports are “false and misleading”, Kamugisha told this website.

A local website and television today reported that Kamugisha had fled to Nairobi from where he asked to speak to President Museveni.

There’s been a lot of speculation with regard to the future of crime preventers in relation to the fall of the former inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura.

Kamugisha has met president Museveni twice since the sacking of the former police boss. Museveni finally met crime preventers in Lugogo where he announced they were now part of Uganda’s reserve force under the military.

To prove he was in Kampala, Blaisé took a photo at his desk in his office in Naguru and said he was here to serve his country and had no plans of fleeing Uganda any time now or in the future.