By Stephen Kalema

President Museveni has tasked investors to report to him any government officials that ask for money so that he can expose them.

According to Museveni, more investors would have been coming to Uganda but greedy government official have been since sabotaged them by asking for ‘many things.’

“I am sending this message to the investors to be calm and alert me on these pigs, we shall expose and defeat these pigs, the parasites. Who are these pigs that not want Uganda to industrialize and why? They claim to be politically motivated. What sort of politics is it that does not welcome the industrialization of Uganda and yet you claim to be concerned about the welfare of the masses,” said Museveni during a fundraising ceremony towards the completion of Namukozi Cathedral, Mityana

Museveni described those who hinder investment as ‘parasites’ and ‘pigs’. He promised to expose them.

Museveni said “Any message sent on electronic gadgets can be traced. It is a matter of patience and alertness, some of the messages were sent on Swedish and Australian telephone numbers. Authorities here are putting in place equipment for smart and safe cities “which will expose all these pigs,” added

He however warned that anyone one who will be caught will face tough consequences for threatening and standing in the road Uganda’s economy to grow.

President Museveni has commissioned major investments worth over $1bn in different parts Uganda in recent weeks.

Recently in Kapeeke Luweero District, Museveni commissioned the factories of ceramics, fruit processing. In Tororo district, he commissioned the first phase of the Sukulu Industrial town which has an annual revenue of $500 million.

“The first phase of the Sukulu Industrial industry I commissioned is expected to stop the annual imports of fertilizers of US$ 50 million, steel products worth $403million and create 3,500 jobs after the final phase.  I am sure now these parasites and other pigs are not happy because they do not appreciate value,” said Museveni.