By Herbert Bukenya

Musician Chris Evans during a tell all interview about his recent attack by a gang that hit his head numerous times with a hammer and ran off with his car some where in Lungujja leaving him for dead made some serious observations and recommendations about his attack.

Chris Evans noted that one of the leading causes of the growing crime rate in the country is the many unemployed youths and he says the situation is going to get worse if the government doesn’t act fast to turn it around and create jobs fast.

“Poverty is increasing, people are being pushed out of petty work by KCCA, taxes are high, small businesses are collapsing and the government is just looking on as the people suffer and become so desperate they turn to crime.”

Evans added that instead of only enriching themselves and their families, our leaders should facilitate the set up of industries, invest in sectors like agriculture and others that can create jobs on a large scale to save the situation.

He added that the only reason he is still living is God’s grace and he doesn’t want what happened to him to happen to any other person. While many powerful people think they are safe, Evans insists if the situation is not sorted out urgently it will start to affect them real hard too.

As a result they should fix the unemployment problem real quick and save the many hard working Ugandans who are mugged and killed every day without knowledge of any one because they are not known or famous.