By Watchdog reporter

Last Friday at Eleanorah Hotel, a couple of journalists met in the hotel lobby for a very humble event. It was dubbed the U5 press party.

The truth is the word “party” is misleading, but, there was a group of young people who are launching their project in Uganda.

The introductions were made by a lady who identified herself as Robinah U5. She talked about a global movement called U5 which promotes talents for global citizens who had no such platform to shine.

So, there was a group of artistes, one would conclude they are shy artistes given the fact that they had unusual access to journalists but they barely came out to show what they have got, save for Robinah, their coordinator who was busy doing the talking and cheering.

There was also this young man, Damascus, who was introduced as a producer, but, does hiphop and his colleagues Silent D who made some impressions with their records. Damascus told me that he has got airplay on some television but not yet on radio.

Sitting around young people dreaming of conquering the world always gladdens my heart, so, I believe inside that hotel lobby a new Ugandan star will be born. Of course, the journey ahead is still long.

Robinah introduced the purpose of the pre-launch that night telling journalists that her organization U5 was organizing a Crying Competition.

She said winners would walk home with a one million shillings.

“This is going to be a fulfilled event and lots of entertainment from all U5 artists,” Robinah said adding that he grand finale will take place on May 27.

U5 is an art and entertainment company born in Brooklyn Newyork USA. U5 looks for people/individuals with different talents, abilities and ideas. The company gives them opportunities to develop their talents and give hope for stage and helps them achieve dreams, and there are 86 members in Uganda, according to Robinah.

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