By Najibu Mulema

Today, Tuesday 17 January, 2017, Uganda Cranes is going to encounter its first task in the African Cup of Nations in Gabon after 39 years without qualifying.

The national team is going to play against Ghana Black Stars.

What gives some Ugandans confidence that Uganda Cranes can outperform Ghana;is because in the last three games Cranes has managed to keep an unbeaten record.

The last time, Uganda played against Ghana was on 7 October, 2016 during the World Cup qualifiers and it was a draw (0-0).

Ghana vs Uganda since 2002

07 Sep 2002: Uganda 1-0 Ghana (Afcon qualifiers)

22 Jun 2003: Ghana 1-1 Uganda (Afcon qualifiers)

03 Jul 2004: Uganda 1-1 Ghana (Fifa World Cup qualifiers)

04 Sep 2005: Ghana 2-0 Uganda (Fifa World Cup qualifiers)

31 May 2009: Ghana 2-1 Uganda (Friendly)

06 Sep 2014: Ghana 1-1 Uganda (Afcon qualifiers)

15 Nov 2014: Uganda 1-0 Ghana (Afcon qualifiers)

07 Oct 2016: Ghana 0-0 Ghana (WC qualifiers)