By Watchdog reporter

Tamale Mirundi, the self proclaimed “barking dog” for President Museveni is more afraid of assassins than anything.

Tamale who usually brags about his bravery and dangerous witchcraft, is very scared, has toned down, and changed language after witnessing what befell Police spokesman Andrew Felix Kaweesi together with his driver and bodyguard.

Tamale, now a presidential advisor who never advises the president, offered an intriguing response to the ongoing slaughter of prominent people.

The Spear online newspaper has quoted Tamale speaking on Pearl Radio on Saturday pleading with assassins not to murder him like Kaweesi.

“I am empty talk”, he said likening himself to an empty head.

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Tamale who is notorious for insulting his opponents and people he disagrees with that their heads are like “drums”, this time round he could not dare the assassins.

“Please don’t come for me,” he said, “I am speaking for the sake of it”.