By Najibu Mulema

The former presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has asked the high court judge to revise his bail conditions.

In company of his lawyer Ernest kalibala, Besigye had gone to report in order to fulfill his bail conditions as set by the court.

It should be remembered that Besigye was granted a bail on 12 July over treason charges.

While at court, Besigye stressed out his grievance and asked the high court judge, Masalu Musene to reconsider his bail because he never committed any attrocity.

“Why do I keep going to court when we all know that treason charges against me were never committed.”

Besigye also told journalists, “ever since I was arrested yesterday at Entebbe airport, they dragged me, drove me and threw me at my house without saying anything, even upto now.

“No one has talked to me as to why they treated me that way,” Besigye said.

He accused Gen Kale Kayihura and his colleagues to be President Museveni’s personal mission accomplishers and for tarnishing the police image.