By our reporter

The Constitutional court has today ordered for the trial of renowned Businessman Hajj Hassan Basajjabalaba along with his brother Muzamir Basajjabalaba in the Anti Corruption Court for allegedly evading tax amounting to shs20 billion.

The ruling comes five years after the two brothers’ trial had been stayed.

Hassan and Muzamiru , the directors of Haba Group are charged with offences of uttering a false document, forgery of a judicial document and conspiracy to defeat tax laws.

On Wednesday, a panel of five justices of the Constitutional Court ordered that the trial immediately resumes.

“There is nothing unconstitutional for the two people to face trial before the Anti-corruption court since the said charges fall under the ambit of the Anti-corruption Act,”said the panel of judges in a judgement read by Justice Kenneth Kakuru.

The prosecution states that Basajjabalaba and his young brother between 2010 and 2011 conspired to prevent or defeat the execution or enforcement of tax laws in respect of taxes amounting to Shs20 billion being a tax liability on the Shs142 billion compensation award he had received from government for loss of contracts for city markets.