By Watchdog reporter

Court of Appeal has on Monday confirmed Peter sematimba as the validly elected MP of Busiro South.

Last year,Ssematimba appealed the High Court judgment which nullified his election on grounds that he lacked the requisite academic qualifications to be a Member of Parliament.

The decision by the High Court came as a result of a petition filed in April, 2016 by one of the losers of the election Stephen Sekigozi of the Democratic Party.

The court found that there was no proof that Sematimba had the requisite academic qualifications for the seat and that a certificate issued by the National Council for Higher Education was done illegally.

Sekigozi who was in disbelief said he expected to win the case unfortunately a person with no academic papers has instead won.

“Today, I feel pity for all Ugandans taking their children to school when someone can go to Nasser and forge documents. In Uganda’s court, everything is possible. We expected to win this case but someone without academic documents has won,” said Sekigozi.