By Watchdog reporter

Kawempe Lord Councilor Muhammad Ssegirinya is in a serious fight with Uganda’s Ambassador to United Arabs Emirates (UAE) Irene Florence Persis Wekiya over issues of rotting Ugandans who are in Dubai prisons.

Recently, Ssegirinya traveled to Dubai and in the due course he decided to visit Ugandans who are being kept in prisons.

Irene Florence Wekiya

After assessing the whole situation, he decided to approach Wekiya to bridge a way on how to save the suffering in prisons but to his dismay the Ambassador just harassed Ssegirinya and promised to have him arrested since he was planning to stage a demonstration today.

“This lady is the Uganda’s ambassador in Dubai many Ugandans are rotting in Dubai prisons because today I promised a demonstration at the embassy she ordered for my arrest. But No turning back,” Ssegirinya wrote on his facebook page.