By Watchdog reporter

Embattled Kawempe North  Lord Couuncilor, Muhammad Ssegirinya has finally accepted defeat after failing to rescue Ugandans who are rotting in Dubai Prisons.

Ssegirinya who has been in United Arabs Emirates (UAE) for the last few days has decided to call it a quit and apparently he is on his way home.

While in Dubai, the Lord Councilor opened a fight with Uganda’s Ambassador to UAE Irene Florence Wekiya who he accused of not caring about Ugandans in Dubai who are rotting in Prisons.

He tried his level best to the extent of meeting the responsible bodies in UAE to rescue the Ugandan prisoners but all in vain.

However, he says he won’t give up, “let me go home and continue…. With battle to rescue Ugandans rotting in UAE prisons,”