By Watchdog reporter

It’s no longer news that State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Herbert Kabafunzaki who was arrested during weekend while trying to pocket a bribe, is already out of Luzira Prison enjoying the same environment like us,”The innocent people”.

To the State, his being bailed out is very okay but not okay with most Ugandans who have less or nothing to do about such situation.

Well, what has sparked more anger against this suspect minister of a kind, is that earlier today he happily reported back to work without fear or favour at his office which is located at Simbamanyo House just above Central Police Station in Kampala.

Public servants were seen stretching their necks to watch the shamed minister.

Some employees were angry citing that Kabafunzaki was not jailed enough whereas  some of them said he was amateurish in stealing compared to fellow ministers and permanent secretaries and should be forgiven.

On Saturday, Kabafunzaki was netted red handed while taking a bribe from AYA boss Hamid Muhammad after promising him that he was going to clear his name from the sexual harassment allegations.

Early this week, the Anti Corruption Court remanded him to Luzira but on Wednesday he was released on bail.