By our reporter

Renowned priest Fr. Anthony Musaala has today rejoined the Catholic Church.

Fr. Musaala who was suspended in 2013 for preaching a non-conventional doctrine was readmitted to the church after reconciling with the mainstream church.

Last year after in a long message on Facebook, the priest confirmed he intends to rekindle the spark with his mother church.

“I have received many affirming messages about my own journey back to the Catholic church. Thank you for your kind prayers and support. Some have asked me innocently if prematurely, which parish I am now serving in, or when I will be celebrating mass again, or when my next gospel show will be.  Frankly, I don’t know. All I know is that I am in the process of returning to the church and that I am barely inside the door. I am still discovering what returning involves. Like the prodigal son I am taking each stage on the journey in a considered way, hoping for that final joy, when the father says: “ ‘My son who was dead is alive, and who was lost  is found.’ And they began to celebrate.” (Luke 15:24),” he wrote.

“The famous parable of the Prodigal son has insights for anyone who is trying to sort out their lives.  I happen to be one of them. I am on a journey of return to the church, and so the parable is very apt for me,” he added.