By Kiyimba Bruno
The  Anti Counterfeit Network (ACN) boss Mr Richard Kawesa has advised product consumers to join him in the fight to reduce counterfeit.
Speaking at a training at Protea Hotel Kampala where he met various stakeholders to discuss on various ways of curbing the ongoing grievance of counterfeit, Kawesa said ACN bridges interaction gaps by presenting consumers through five interaction pillars.
He added that the interaction pillars include legislation, regulation,enforcement, technology as well as communication.
According to Kawesa,many people are culprits of counterfeit  when they actually don’t know. Here he mentioned an example of petrol fuel stations which change every minute their prices.
“In the morning you find the price of Diesel at Shs3550 and in the evening you find it at Shs3590 on the same day. To me I call this total counterfeit.” Added Kawesa.
Mulongo Ronnie from the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) advised Ugandans to always keep a keen eye on the documentation of various products before using them.
“Documentation of a product shall enable you to know the correct product.” Added Mulongo.
Currently, many Ugandans have fallen victims of counterfeit because of not taking note of small issues like product documentation which has lead to a big loss.