Statistics from the ministry of health show that condom use in the country is increasing. Just last year, the National Drug Authority released up to 222 million condoms for use on the market.

This figure shot up by 73million from about 149 million condoms released in 2015. The figures point to an increase in the use of condoms among Uganda’s sexually active population, which can be partially attributed to the increased awareness.

A 2014 Uganda HIV and AIDs country progress report indicates 42% sex workers say they used a condom during their last encounter against 66% in 2011.

The same report says 63% of men and 45% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 who had multiple partners in the past 12 months said they used a condom during their last intercourse.

Although the 2011 Demographic and Health Survey puts condom use among women at only 2.7% , the current increase in its use is partly being fueled by its low cost.

The National Drug Authority started mandatory testing of condoms in 2004 and says reported failure rates have since gone down to 3%.

Condom use is one of the methods widely promoted by the Ministry of Health as a preventive measure against spread of HIV/AIDs.