By Najibu Mulema

The Uganda North American Association (UNAA) has formed a harmonization committee to lay foundation for dialogue between UNAA and UNAA causes.

According to the president of UNAA, Monday Atigo, the Harmonization Committee is tasked with forging a road map towards unity. This committee will establish common goals, review association policy and bylaws, identify areas of discord and make recommendations geared towards bridging the divide.

“It is our sincere hope that through mutual respect and listening to each other, we shall candidly work together despite the differences in opinion and ideologies. With this shared responsibility, we can together serve our communities by making the UNAA family stronger, united and powerful,” said Atigo.

The harmonization committee shall consist of four members including, Michael Kimbugwe, Edward Nantamu, Daniel Kawuma and Paul Kiruuta who shall deliberate and present a comprehensive report to the UNAA president and members at large by January 2017 formulating away forward.