By Herbert Bukenya

Bakulu Mpagi a born again church pastor in Nankuwade a suburb on Bulenga Mityana road registered a case at the area police station against comedian Kapere for obtaining money by false pretence which is light fraud.

The case which is registered on reference number SD/07/11/07/2018, the suspect being Kapeere is said to have happened a couple of months back when Kapeere approached Pastor Mpagi at his church promising to bring comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi to feature in a music video for the Pastor with Kapeere.

The two agreed on a fee of 1.5 million shillings the 500,000 being Kapeere’s commission and according to Mpagi since the young man chewed the money he had never appeared back nor has Amooti showed up at the church either.

A rather unmoved Kapeere said he actually took the money when approached by our sources insisting he was in dire need of money at the time but said the Pastor should give him a break, Amooti is busy and he will pay back the money slowly but surely although he added a barrage of insults targeting his victims.

He ended it all with some more arrogance by promising not to pay incase he is actually thrown into jail for this case insisting he will only pay if they handle him well.