By Watchdog reporter

You might want to check how developed Malawi is – you got it. That is the country with men called Hyenas who are hired to break little girls’ virginity, or, to sleep with widows to break a ‘death curse’ from them!

Just before the Hyena news sinks in, a Malawian comedian Daliso Chaponda visiting Kenya for for the Laugh Festival Africacomedy show where our own Salvador will be taking part, insulted Kenyans at a press conference.

The comedian who claims is based in UK while at a press conference at Amber Hotel said Kenyan authorities were backward for preventing his female girlfriend from entering Kenya.

Apparently, the girl was deported back to Malawi at Kigali International Airport because she didn’t carry a yellow fever card.

Both the comedian and his girlfriend don’t appreciate the importance of getting a yellow fever jab.

“I have a lady who was meant to come here, and then your crazy rules… She was in Rwanda on the way here and she wasn’t carrying her Yellow Fever certificate; they made her go back. Apparently she couldn’t even get the shot at the check point; very, very backward. So that’s really irritating, but anyway…” Chaponda lamented.

The Laugh Festival Africa lineup will also include Kenya’s Churchill, Professor Hamo and Aman, Salvado (Uganda), Nkusi Arthur (Rwanda), Carl Ncube (Zimbabwe), Eddie Kadi (DR Congo) and Ndumsio Lindi (South Africa).