By Watchdog reporter
Cranes coach Micho Sredojevic has stopped any forms of fundraising in his name.
Micho has launched a spirited fight for payment of his salary arrears, a loud outcry that has short-lived celebrations for Cranes qualification to the Africa Cup elite tournament in almost 40 years.
Coach Micho this week attacked football administrators using his twitter handle @michocoach who had not paid him for more than five months.
The Cranes manager also slurred the managers of the country for basking in stealing funds for the country’s basic services, but, cannot pay hard working people.
When Micho announced he had not been paid by Fufa, his employers, citizens drive had been launched to raise money to pay the coach that has given the country so much pride.
However the coach says those doing so are cheats.
“I distance myself with disgust from certain people using my situation making groups to collect money under my name with intention to cheat,” he said on his twitter.

@michocoach had earlier wrote that “Due to shameful lies about my duly earned & deserved unpaid salaries I’m forced to take swift legal action while continuing professional job.”
The Cranes coach is demanding about Shs235m in unpaid salary.
The Serbian has not been paid five months in salary arrears amounting to $60,000 (Shs203m).
Micho earns about $12,000 (Shs40m) a month.